Dome Tent

Dome tent is the most common style.
Easy pitching and incredibly stable
The choice of fabric, fabric treatment, anti-wind level, structure, frame, peg, guy rope depends on the specific camping environment.

Tunnel Tent

A basic tunnel tent uses two or more flexible poles, arranged as parallel hoops, with tent fabric attached to form a half-cylinder or tapering tunnel. Tunnel tents may offer more usable internal space than a dome tent with the same ground area, but almost always need guy ropes and pegs to stay upright.
Now Dome/tunnel tents become common. We can create different styles according to different function demanding.

Family Tent

Offering space, versatility, stability and protection; With multiple sleeping areas, clever storage features, impeccable protection and family-friendly styles.
To get all above properties, the family tents are usually designed complicated for production. Different styles can be designed upon different demanding of BR, WR and anti-UV level etc.

Mountain Tent

Light-weight, with Built to endure the extreme conditions of high-altitude expeditions. (Strong enough to cope with heavy snow, strong winds, as well as heavy rain.) Functional fabrics, high quality cutting and sewing process, strict tests (materials & structure) are a must for the mountain tent.

Tarp, Flyer & Event Tent

Simple style normally used for cooking, or complicated and anatomic style for party. We can produce different kinds of event tents with different styles, color combinations, accessories...

Living Tent, Gazebo

Living tent is also known as gazebo with multiple usages. It’s great to protect you against sun, rain and small insects and at same time you can use it for cooking and dining.

Printed Tents

It takes special knowledge and professional skill to make printed tent the way it should be. With years of experience, CAMPACK is an leading expert in making printed tents.

Other Tents

Upon various demanding from customers, we can produce other tents with different functions. e.g.: Shower tent, Beach Shelter, Baby tent, Pets tent...